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Use Meineke's dictionary of auto parts to learn more about your car to better understand necessary repairs and fixes.

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A component in the steering system that connects the steering shaft to the steering mechanism. Steering knuckle The pivoting component to which the front wheel hubs are attached.

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Filter. Protection. Process. Download. Solution Summary. Electric power assisted steering (EPS) uses an electric motor to provide directional control to the driver, without any hydraulic systems. Sensors detect the motion and torque of the steering column and a computer module applies assistive power via an electric motor coupled directly to either the steering gear or steering column.

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A unit consisting of a vacuum brake cylinder or chamber, hydraulic cylinder (s) and control valve, in which driver effort is combined with force from the cylinder piston or chamber diaphragm to displace fluid under pressure for actuation of the brake (s).

Electric power steering for classics and hot rods

Apr 04, 2018 · Several years ago, American Powertrain developed an electric power steering system for sports cars, including Ferraris, Jaguars and Porsches. Now the company based in Cookeville, Tennessee, has further developed the technology and launched the bolt-on EZ Electric Power Steering system for classics, customs and hot rods.

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Battery: device that generates electric current. Air filter: device that remove impurities from air passing trough it. Windshield washer: liquid used to clean the windows. Steering wheel: device used to handle a car in conjuction with steering and gear systems.

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EPS is an abbreviation for “electric power steering”. Face hob gear face hob cutting: This is a kind of gear cutting system based on a processing method of continuously cutting teeth of a gear. Face mill gear face mill gears: This is a kind of gear cutting system based on a processing method that cuts gear teeth individually.

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electronic technology required to develop a car with the features described exists today. The actual implementation of such electronic features will depend on the cost of the equipment and the market acceptance of the features. USE OF ELECTRONICS IN THE AUTOMOBILE For most people, the automobile has come to be an appliance. It is

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verb. (often foll by out) to remove or separate (suspended particles, wavelengths of radiation, etc) from (a liquid, gas, radiation, etc) by the action of a filter. (tr) to obtain by filtering. ( intr foll by through) to pass (through a filter or something like a filter) dust filtered through the screen.

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Our company Electromechanical Solutions PTY LTD would like to offer you or your company our services at very affordable rates.Our services of which include the below but are not limited to: (servicing and repairs of )Auto electrical (lights,alarm system,electric windows)instrumental electr ical (transponder malfunction,abs,electric power steering ,petrol/diesel management fault finding,sensor ...

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AUTOMOTIVE GLOSSARY (Glossary of car parts) Spanish > English A Amortiguador delantero (hidráulico) Front Shock Absorber (hydraulic) Amortiguador trasero (hidráulico) Rear Shock Absorber (hydraulic) Anilla (ring) de goma Seal / Washer Alternador Alternator

Steering Woes: 5 Common Power Steering Problems

Dec 04, 2018 · Your car’s power steering system plays an important role in vehicle handling, making it easier to turn corners and maneuver in tight spaces. In cars with a hydraulic-controlled system, a dedicated pump transfers fluid from a reservoir to the steering gear. However, when power steering problems arise, turning can become a chore.

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Define power-assisted steering. power-assisted steering synonyms, power-assisted steering pronunciation, power-assisted steering translation, English dictionary definition of power-assisted steering. Noun 1. power-assisted steering - automotive steering where engineer power amplifies the torque applied to the steering wheel power steering ...

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Nov 19, 2020 · Power steering definition: In a vehicle, power steering is a system for steering which uses power from the engine so... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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Steering definition, the discriminatory practice by a real estate agent of maneuvering a client from a minority group away from considering a home in a white neighborhood.

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