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Zagorje-Tehnobeton - Ferro concrete prefabricated elements

Zagorje-Tehnobeton manufactures and sales reinforced concrete prefabricates for building construction, assembly halls and civil enineering facilities.

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Production and sale of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements In our own production facilites we manufacture and sale reinforced concrete prefabricates for building construction, assembly halls and civil enineering facilities (reinforced concrete classical elements – pillars, floor and roof boards, roof beams, facade elements, reinforced ...

Zagorje-Tehnobeton - Production and sales of concrete

All the plants for the production of concrete are certified according to EN 206-1 and are used for production of transport and pumping concrete and concrete for our ready-made prefabricated elements as well as for the production of concrete accessories.

Zagorje-Tehnobeton - Concrete accessories

Concrete accessories Production and sale of concrete accessorise. For our customers, constructors and our building sites needs, with in the hall for production of concrete accessories, we produce approximately 90.000 m2 of paving blocks, 100.000 pieces of concrete blocks, 18.000 pieces of gutters, 16.000 pieces of prestressed concrete columns, 100.000 pieces of plates, 200.000 pieces of curbs ...

Zagorje-Tehnobeton - Production of electric instalation elements

Electric instalation elements. In our production plant in Varaždin in the hall for production of electrical programme we produce centrifugal reinforced concrete pillars with the production capacity of 24 000 pieces of pillars per year and approximately 400 pieces of concrete caseings per year.

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prefabricated ferrocement elements” in 2008. ''Milinković Company'' has developed the idea, construction, production and transportation technology, and tools that are necessary for construction of facilities of prefabricated ferrocement elements. our environmental resources. The owner of the company,

Ferro Cement Manufacturing Process | Ferro Concrete Construction

Tweet. Ferro-cement alias thin-shell concrete or ferro-concrete stands for a composite material made of a mortar reinforced with light steel fabric/mesh that is applied to develop thin sections. The construction method involves building up the shape of the necessary structure by a mesh of fine reinforcement like chicken wire or extended metal. Various layers are utilized to attain the desired density of steel and the entire is hardened with a few standard reinforcing bars.

Prefabricated ferro-concrete structures - GVB

When designing the prefabricated ferro-concrete elements, elements will be produced that meet the Client's requirements in all respects and comply with current standards. Manufacturing Based on the construction plans, we manufacture the elements required, irrespective of the kind of encasing, floor, pillars, purlin, beam, strut element and cup needed.

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Precast concrete element products Joists The requirement for joists is designed on average at 80% prestressed / 20% loosely reinforced and complemented with inlaid stones on the constru…

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Prefabricated elements - Experience gained from working with prefabricated elements (prestressed concrete elements, prefabricated facades) - Experience gained with the development of the centrifuged concrete columns for electric power transmission Experience gained with the modification of transformer stations Concrete products

Footbridge elements | Ferrobeton

Precast footbridge elements made from reinforced concrete are used for above-ground crossings of small size.

Ferro Cement: Properties and Application | Concrete Technology

Ferro cement is much thinner than reinforced concrete and the mesh may be formed in any shape without a conventional form. Then it can be plastered or mortared by any method. In 1940, Mr. P.L. Nervi an Italian engineer and architect developed this material, known as Ferro cement.

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Prefabricated elements of reinforced concrete make construction projects faster and less expensive Today, Ferrobeton has a staff of 352 – before the crisis, this figures was around 1,000. In order to release capacities for peak times, the company cooperates closely with temporary workers.

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Prefabricated ferro concrete wall elements – the best choice for quick, warm and economical construction. The wall elements for prefabricated houses can be three-layer (consisting the inner and outer ferro concrete layers and the layer of thermal-insulation among them).

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Oct 16, 2019 · Ferro cement is a form of reinforced concrete using closely spaced multiple layers of mesh and/or small diameter roads completely infiltrated with, or encapsulated in, mortar. When building Ferro-cement structures the sand/cement mortar is applied to the reinforcing wire with a trowel, never poured like common concrete work.

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